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CentralPark_overview_metal | by Our Own Solar System
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This photo was taken looking westward along the Promenade, from the platform that marks its eastern terminus. Several features have been superimposed along the left edge of the Prom. At the point where the platform railing ends is a gray circle representing the Sun. It is 11.5" in diameter, and (this is hard to believe, but true) at that scale, the outer planets of the solar system would be located along the western extent of the Prom, 3/4ths of a mile away. The small black boxes represent QR codes, which when scanned with a smartphone direct viewers to a page with more information about each object (and those near the Sun provide general info about the overall model). Moving forward from the Sun is a series of three panels, representing Mercury's perihelion, average distance, and aphelion. Beyond that is a single panel for Venus, and then two sets of three panels each for both Earth and Mars. Beyond that is a set of panels representing the main asteroid belt. Past the shelter is a larger panel for Jupiter and its moons. Saturn is not shown, but it would be near the pedestrian (and a close-up view of that panel is shown in the adjacent photo). At the visual limit of the Prom would be the location of Uranus. The orbit of Neptune is located on the opposite side of the park's water feature and is not visible from this location.

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Uploaded on December 30, 2015