“Unteachable”: the American Teacher behind the Freedom Writers movement
Erin Gruwell, an American teacher known for her unique ability to empower at-risk students, shared her story with with Israeli students, teachers, educators, and NGOs from across Israel. She told the story of how she challenged 150 students in her classroom in Long Beach, California to put down their fists, put away their guns, and pick up a pen. Their shared legacy is the “Freedom Writers Diary,” a collection of the students’ personal tales that has become a textbook for teachers and an inspiration for high school students who believe that writing holds the key that can unlock a better future. With not a dry eye in sight, Erin inspired and captivated Israeli audiences with her passion, dedication, empathy, and humility. Her message of hope, peace, acceptance and change resonated with diverse audiences throughout the country.

Photo credit: Matty Stern/U.S. Embassy Tel Aviv
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