2016/10/18 - Better Factories Cambodia Celebrate 15th Anniversary
Better Factories Cambodia (BFC) celebrated its 15th anniversary in a special event attended by Ambassador Heidt, Commerce Minister H.E. Pan Sorasak, Labor Minister H.E. Ith Sam Heng, and other dignitaries and special guests.

BFC is a program of the International Labour Organization that supports Cambodia’s garment industry through monitoring, training, and advocacy. BFC was established in 2001 as a result of a trade agreement between Cambodia and the United States that provided better access to U.S. markets in exchange for improved labor conditions in factories.

Ambassador Heidt said the results of the BFC's work can be seen in the strength of Cambodia's garment sector, which now boasts 700 factories, 700,000 workers, and $6 billion in annual exports. “I don’t think we would have gotten there without the BFC,” he said in remarks at the Sofitel Hotel in Phnom Penh.
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