Animal and Plant Health Inspection Serive biologists receive awards for Afghanistan service
Agriculture Under Secretary for Marketing and Regulatory Programs (MRP) Edward Avalos welcomes back two U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Animal and Plant health Inspection Service (APHIS) biologists from 18-week tours of duty in Afghanistan Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2013. The biologists spent long days using their wildlife expertise to reduce aircraft hazards to American and coalition aircraft at military airbases. USDA APHIS New Mexico district supervisor Keel Price received the prestigious Award for Exemplary Civilian Service for managing a massive habitat modification project near the Kandahar Airfield. The Smithsonian’s Feather Identification Lab recognized USDA APHIS Idaho State director George Graves for his contributions of over 1,300 feather and mammal specimens to the Smithsonian. These USDA APHIS wildlife biologists have reduced damage at the warzone bases by approximately $2.6 million, decreasing wildlife strikes by about 65%.
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