Opioid Epidemic: Connections Withdrawal Management Center
A partnership between USDA and a rural health organization has resulted in an essential facility that provides a regional response to Delaware’s opioid crisis.
Connections Withdrawal Management Center leased a vacant space in Harrington, Delaware’s town center in 2015 and transformed it into a medically monitored, clinically managed withdrawal management/induction center facility for patients withdrawing from opioids, alcohol, benzodiazepines and other similar substances. Connections takes a chronic-care approach to treating substance use disorder, with an emphasis on using the ‘gold standard’ approach to opioid use disorder—medication assisted treatment (MAT). The facility provides on-demand access to MAT, intensive outpatient therapy, linkages and warm handoffs to other treatment resources, and post-withdrawal support services. A USDA Community Facilities loan in 2016 helped Connections cut its monthly expenses in half to purchase the space and expand service offerings.
At first, nearby residents were concerned about public safety issues that might come with having a treatment facility in their neighborhood. But, as the second largest employer in Harrington, the center is a vital part of the community. Local police utilize Connections’ treatment-first approach, saving the department costly trips to facilities outside the area. Furthermore, Connections will add primary care and dental services for local residents when renovations are complete, cementing its place as a key health care provider in the Harrington community and Delaware’s two southern counties, where health care resources are scarce.
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