USA Pavilion at SIAL China 2013 - 美国领事馆农业贸易处
USA Pavilion at SIAL China 2013 broke records with 82 exhibitors and estimated $86 million in projected sales: This year’s show from May 7-9 was one of our most successful shows in China! ATO Shanghai started the program by hosting a pre-show market briefing for 82 exhibitors featuring four experts covering eCommerce, traditional retail, tips on market access/development, and an update on China’s food import regulations. The ATO also hosted a very functional business lounge that facilitated scores of trade meetings. The 82 exhibitors at the USA Pavilion reported $3.6 million of sales at the show and projected an additional $86 million in sales over the next 12 months as a result of new contacts developed at the show. Compared to last year, sales at SIAL China increased by 44% and 12 month projected sales more than tripled. Interest in tree-nuts was truly impressive – with sales of Almonds, Pecans, Pistachios, and Walnuts accounting for over half of the projected 12 month sales. Meat was the second most important contributor to results in spite of the fact that there are currently significant barriers to U.S. meat exports to China. The interest in U.S. packaged consumer products was the best we have seen. U.S. exhibitors that had a full range of packaged consumer foods had crowds out into the hallway all through the show. The best selling products were almonds, walnuts, pecans, snacks, confectionery products, cheesecake, UHT milk, milk powder, and poultry products. The organizers of SIAL China approached ATO about inviting the United States to be the “Guest Country of Honor” in 2014. ATO has forwarded this request to FAS/W for consideration. We anticipate that the USA pavilion at SIAL China 2014 may exceed 100 exhibitors due to the large number of exhibitors that were turned away from this year’s over sold pavilion.

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