Stolpe Steine
Stolperstein Ceremony commemorates Mildred Fish-Harnack and husband Arvid Harnack

U.S. Ambassador John Emerson participated in a Stolperstein ceremony commemorating American born resistance fighter Mildred Fish-Harnack and her husband Arvid Harnack, both victims of the Third Reich.

In the presence of members of the family- including Jilly Allenby-Ryan and her sister Nicole Hutchings, both grandchildren of Arvid Harnack's sister, Inge Harnack - Berlin artist Gunter Demnig installed two commemorative Stolpersteine in the pavement in front of Genthiner Straße 14, the family's last address of choice.

Other speakers at the ceremony included André Schmitz, Permanent Secretary for Cultural Affairs of Berlin; Professor Johannes Tuchel, Executive Director of the German Resistance Memorial Center in Berlin; and Joel Waldinger, an award-winning American journalist, who produced the documentary “Wisconsin’s Nazi Resistance: The Mildred Fish Harnack Story” for Wisconsin Public Television in 2011.
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