Tax office open until June 15 to serve Soldiers and civilians
Military and civilians who are U.S. taxpayers on Caserma Ederle can still drop by Vicenza’s Tax Center for advice and help on tax returns.
“We’re here until June 15 to help our customers with their tax return needs. And that includes state taxes too,” said Capt. Derek Coyne, officer in charge of the tax center.
Located in the Judge Advocate General’s office, the tax center is staffed by full time military and civilian preparers. So far this year, the center has assisted taxpayers receive more than $4 million on 2011 tax returns and saved customers more than an estimated $400,000 in preparers’ fees during their operations-.
“We have a great team of civilians and military prepares here. They’re all Internal Revenue Service trained and at the peak of tax season in March, the team completed nearly 500 returns in one week,” said Coyne, a lawyer with USARAF’s JAG office.

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