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Seen Many Things, Many Things Yet to See

White Pelicans at the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge Walking in Daley Plaza Loitering in Daley Plaza Inca Tern (adult) Inca Tern (juvenile) South Wabash Scene His Street Birds and Gators Royal Terns Landing Party All That He Surveys Has Anyone Seen The Farmer Yet? Getting Fat At Christkindlmarket Van Buren Street Sky Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary The Time Has Come Grant Park Scene Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary At the Corner of Wells and...Hitchcock Danger Gull

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yooperann says:

I don't think of you as a bird photographer, but I should have figured you'd be great at this as well. Some of those warbler shots are especially wonderful.
Posted 96 months ago. ( permalink )

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N$$$ says:

Who would have thought you would have so much bird life in urban Chicago. Very nice photos
Posted 87 months ago. ( permalink )

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