Why Choose? Can't You Be Both?

Tax Day "Tea Party" Rally.


Again, I was there as an observer, not a participant.


April 15, 2010.

Daley Plaza.

Chicago, Illinois, USA.

  • Brule Laker PRO 5y

    There are many who are both, not that there's anything wrong with that.
  • Frank Hashimoto 5y

    What exactly does pole smoking have to do with taxes?
  • Chicago's Cold War PRO 5y

    I think he's implying that if you suck someone's balls somehow its less gay than if you suck a penis? Is that his logical argument? hahah OK.
  • Drew Baker PRO 5y

    Well Irish Samurai ... tea bagging is where you slap your parter with your balls. Get it ? your nut sack is the tea bag... So they probably figured as long as your down there.... smoke?
    And P.S (for those of you John Waters fans) there is no tea bagging at the fudge palace.. ok?
  • TheeErin PRO 5y

    Quoting "Pecker" rulz!
  • CatAtomic99 5y

    There's a political movement called "Pole Smokers"?
  • John W. Iwanski PRO 5y

    Hahaha! Thanks for the info, Drew. :)
  • Tim L Lowe PRO 5y

    Pole smoker? This obviously refers to people smoking in the poling place? I didn't think that was allowed. ;)
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