RECYCLED: The Plastic BAG Garment and 3 Fashion Accessories
I have been spending the last few weeks (feels like years) on designing/making an outfit (with 3 accessories) I will model on a runway in November called the " Flashy Trashion Show. "

There have been over 30 submissions so far from a wide variety of creative recyclers. The entire submission to the show MUST be completely made out of recycled materials. "Recycled" means reusing....NOT repurposing new items. For garbage bags allowed....because those are too dirty to reuse after use. No buying stuff to repurpose into something clever and beautiful. no...use what you have or can scrounge up.

Everything must be something that was already already used --not bought and repurposed for this show. Due to having a mother who is a heavy shopper, plastic bags are overflowing in my house. Its seemed easy enough to fuse plastic bags together and make something.

What a continued nightmarish beast this project turned out to be! NOT easy at all.

So proud to have my plastic bag coat chosen for this contest on June 24, 2010:

I won the grand prize! And an iPAD along with Books, movie CDs, and more all about enviromentalism. Thank you so much Save My Oceans!!!

I will continue spreading the world. :-)
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