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4th Story Vista--Rest Stop for a Racing Pigeon ~ 6 of 6 photos | by Urban Woodswalker
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4th Story Vista--Rest Stop for a Racing Pigeon ~ 6 of 6 photos

...continued from last photo:




This is a racing pigeon on a 500 mile journey to get back home to Chicago suburb Orland Park. Read this series of 6 photos for an incredible story of how I found out who owns the racing pigeon. I found out this bird was on a 500 mile race to get home. But where did the race start?



The Club secretary called me last night...since I could not give him the entire number on the leg band, we will not know who the exact owner is. However, the same day, this pigeon had been released 500 miles from a race starting from Norfolk Nebraska. A 500 mile race takes only around 9 hours, unless a storm delays, the pigeon gets lost, or a predator like a hawk or falcon gets it.


Racing pigeons (rock doves) can live 16 years (!) and race 10 races per year....100 mile races for the younger ones (they start at age 3) and 500 miles ones (older birds). The hundred mile races for my region start in Rockford, IL. Up to 2000 birds are released for a race and there is a black cloud that travels 80-85 miles and hour if all conditions are right. Amazing!


I plan on attending a racing release some day soon. Thanks Mike for all your information...really made my day to learn about this lovely bird.




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Taken on July 25, 2010