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Waste Stream 10 Detail | by Urban Woodswalker
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Waste Stream 10 Detail

Seen at the 2009 Trash To Treasure IX show :


"Waste Stream"

Wall Hanging by Mary Anne Enriquez 2009


Wherever there are humans, there is unwanted debris found in urban, industrial, suburban, agricultural, and "pristine" wilderness regions. Fishermen might leave behind lead sinkers, nylon fishing line, food and drink cans in "natural areas."

Unresponsible campers, tourists, highway litterers, the homeless, just plain people like you and me, children...its impossible not to create waste that can wind up in public places. Mankind's waste leaches chemicals into the soil - ultimately into rivers, lakes, and oceans --affecting us all.


I spent 1 year saving "trash" in and around my own daily life. Mostly the trash is my own, but a little bit is from the street, waste receptacles, or on the sidewalk. I then encased this colorful often recognizable detritus and created fish.


Fish are an indicator species of how unhealthy our water and environment is. Water is a carrier of waste from long distances a way. Water is absolutely necessary to all life on earth. The play on words "waste stream" is to make the viewer think about how our daily lives affect the entire planet.


Materials used:


- steel office staples & clear vinyl... encapsulate advertising, popular culture, artifact, and unwanted waste.


- tree branch - a highly invasive non-native shrub called European Buckthorn, Rhamnus Cathartica, was cut down by the Forest Preserve of Cook County Illinois. I found it in a restoration pile of branches along a roadside.


- lead sinkers, and nylon fishing line (both poison/ kill a large amount of wildlife each year)


Materials used to stuff the fish:


- paper ( magazines, junk mail, office waste, newspapers etc)

- cardboard packaging, (cereal boxes and food packaging)

- plastic of all kinds

- candy wrappers

- wood and metal "found" objects


Show is up until July 31, 2009 in Hammond, Indiana.


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Taken on May 30, 2009