"Plarn" Doll Ornament from Benin, Africa (She was made from plastic bags)

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    A group of crafters were chatting about PLARN, and I decided to show them the sweet hand crafted doll crocheted from plastic bags..NOT made by me, but someone in Benin, Africa. She is only 4 inches tall not including the hanging loop. I adore her.

    I bought this at Ten Thousand Villages--which is really a great organization helping to sell world wide arts and crafts through "fair trade" practices.

    Creating PLARN and crocheting plastic bags is a really cool thing!
    PLARN means plastic bag yarn! You cut it up into strips and then crochet, knit etc.

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    1. Green Wellies 110 months ago | reply

      I adore your PLARN doll. Whenever I see bags crocheted from plastic bags at the thrift store, I nab them quick. I've never seen a doll made from bags, but what a great way to reuse and recycle.

    2. Urban Woodswalker 110 months ago | reply

      You have bags crocheted from plastic bags at the thrift store? What "thrift store is that?

      If one finds a crocheted plastic bag here n the states, its at an art or craft show and has a healthy price on it too. Its quite labor intensive to make anything with Plastic bags...all the cutting a part and winding balls. Its a lot of time consuming work.

      I would like to see some photos of your thrift store finds!

    3. Diana Thorold. 110 months ago | reply

      That is so great - I am useless at crotcheting, but one of the ladies from from my plastic bag knitting workshop made a really cute crocheted angel - shall get to post it up soon

    4. John the funky outsider 110 months ago | reply

      Amazing what one can make from plastic bags.

    5. Urban Woodswalker 110 months ago | reply

      Diana, cannot wait to see that angel! I have a feeling there are some really cool Plarn creations out there in the world.

    6. tessCat 110 months ago | reply

      Her in South Africa Plastic bags are used a lot to make a huge variety of things, Dolls. bags garments. bathroom mats etc. I will try and get some pics together so you can see.

    7. Diana Thorold. 110 months ago | reply

      Hiya - did you see I posted up the angel with a whole lot of bags =

      tessCat have you noticed that there is not nearly so much plastic bag art work in SA since they charge for plastic bags in some of the shops now

    8. tessCat 110 months ago | reply

      You are right Diana. But it still doesnt stop the plastic bags from being a landfill nightmare and Durban beach has been a hazardous place over this last few weeks

    9. Urban Woodswalker 110 months ago | reply

      WOW, I want to see garments, and dolls out of plastic bags! Diana, please add photos! I have been thinking of starting a Flickr art craft group for upcycled/ repurposed Plastics.

      I cannot wait to see the angel and other plastic bag creations.

    10. Diana Thorold. 110 months ago | reply

      Adding Photos - add me in if you do

    11. FatBottomBags 102 months ago | reply

      OMG! I love that little doll! I'm working with plarn but only making bags backpacks and purses so far. That little beauty may inspire me in another new direction!


    12. Urban Woodswalker 102 months ago | reply

      The hardest part is collecting such brightly colorful bags!

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