Bamboo Scrawls

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    Was really tempted to put our initials on here... couldn't find much room though :o(

    Taken at a day trip to the Perth Zoo - it's two separate photos, just kinda merged in a diptych

    1. moomu_242 89 months ago | reply

      Very interesting :)

    2. broadview 89 months ago | reply

      Nicely done! was looking at these at the zoo with my kids yesterday. Right outside the Nocturnal house :)

    3. sengsta 89 months ago | reply

      You can't even tell it's been merged - so masterful is your PP skill!

    4. .nique. 89 months ago | reply

      ahh! your back! nice photo! :)

    5. Scott G Trenorden Photography 89 months ago | reply

      Yay for more photos from tUP!

      This shot, wow how very damn cool.
      Your photos always look to me like I've stepped onto the set of a movie; breath-taking.

      Very tribal looking.

    6. apdz07 89 months ago | reply

      Very cool!

    7. mwelker 89 months ago | reply

      Love it Shem, where have you been for so long?

    8. urbanphotographer 89 months ago | reply

      Thanks all - it's good to be 'back' so to speak

      Have to admit I haven't really picked up the old 30D in a while - I guess with the new job, swimming training, looking after my beloved wife etc it all becomes too much.. hahahaha...

      2008 is about priorities - and being creative! So I endeavour to post pics, make plenty of comments and generally be a FlickR whore once again

      And I'll say thanks to each one of you personally, because you're all so fab !

      @Mu - thanks for the kind words.. .now if only I can draw like you (no, make that 1/8 as good as you)
      @Brett - cheers!, and yes you nailed it re: location. I guess ppl go to the zoo all the time, and try and shoot animals from about 10 metres back @ 18mm - it's good to try and seek out the (sometimes) different things we see
      @Seng - thanks buddy - the weird thing is I really wanted this to work as a diptych, then realised it kinda looked merged without really trying. When you're on a good thing.... :o)
      @Mon - Yep, back for sure. You'll see some different stuff from me this year - new focus
      @Scotty - Thank-you champ! I'm really humbled by your comments - hope to catch up with you soon and crack open a few nice cold Asahi's
      @Apdz07- thank-you! Never met you before, but the fact that you even stumbled upon this pic and took time out to comment is very nice of you. I really appreciate it ! :o)
      @Marky - I admit I haven't posted much in a while - see the top of my comment for a rather poor explanation. Hope to catch up with you and Mon soon - Mac nerds unite! :o)

    9. eyespycottcase 89 months ago | reply

      good work. very tribal indeed...

    10. {meghan} 89 months ago | reply

      This is a fantastic shot - It jumped of the pool at me! I always think taking this shot of these when I walk past but never do! Your processing is really great, I have been attempting to get this kind of clarity and cool contrast with the light and shadows. Any tips?

    11. urbanphotographer 89 months ago | reply

      Thanks Louise! :o)

      @Meg - a lot of my workflow lately has been done with Adobe Camera RAW. Just bump up the highlights and shadows a fair bit (also can be done with curves) then experiment with colour balance (on an adjustment layer). Increase the Cyan and Green for the desired effect.

    12. 88 months ago | reply

      interesting subject and nice touch!! :)

    13. Marvelous Freak 88 months ago | reply

      I can almost hear the music... the diptych is so subtle, both images have a flowing rhythm between them. Greatly done!

    14. Evan Rogers 82 months ago | reply

      @snenigma. look towards the middle of the photos towards the deep black. you can see the seam.

    15. lana42 72 months ago | reply

      i <3 this pic. definitely very inspirational.

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