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Toronto bike rack

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I really, really like the City of Toronto's bike racks (see example of use in background). Unlike la Ville de Montréal's 'rateliers', they don't mash your bike up coz you're less likely to get your cables tangled up with someone else's. Bravo TO.

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  1. greynotgrey [deleted] 93 months ago | reply

    That sticker is going to make me rant, I can feel it...
    I ride my bike to work in Montrreal and used to ride it to work when I lived in Toronto - I find that Toronto car drivers are worse (less predictable), but the bicyclists in Montreal are worse (less courteous, like riding on the sidewalk). And seriously, what's with all the bike theft chez nous? The solution is obvious - don't buy stolen bikes.

    Whew! Thanks for the opportunity to rant!
    Hope you're having a good trip.

  2. urbanmkr 93 months ago | reply

    I had a great trip, thanks, now just so many photos to sort!
    I've never ridden in TO, but I do think my fellow Montreal cyclists have it coming to them sometimes - my pet peeves are riding the wrong way down one-way streets (usually on the left-hand side, i.e. right into the path of oncoming bikes) and riding with no lights at night (a certain death wish - it's really hard to see dark bikes from inside a car). That said, sometimes I end up facing the wrong way by accident, and sometimes I forget to take my lights with me, and it doesn't make me walk home...

  3. konqz 93 months ago | reply

    I was watching global news or city tv last night, and they did a story on how those type of bike racks can be destroyed by a "2x4", and your bike stolen quite easily.

  4. urbanmkr 93 months ago | reply

    Oh, that's a downer. They seem so practical. Is there a bike rack group on flickr? Maybe we can find the perfect one.

    Oh, here we go: www.flickr.com/groups/bicycle_racks/

  5. mendel 72 months ago | reply

    I've used this photo to illustrate a blog post about Toronto Bike Month -- thanks for using a Creative Commons license! I've credited you as "flickr user urbanmkr" with a link to this page. Let me know if you'd prefer a different attribution.

  6. urbanmkr 72 months ago | reply

    Cool! Glad you could use it.

  7. wittco.gmbh 69 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Bike Racks, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

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