• if you got there again, I suggest you shoot this detail with out-of-focus backgroud, can be an awesome shot. - DaniCast

Red Candles...

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in the cathedral, it was Easter after all...

  1. ssh ages ago | reply

    Very interesting and cool..

  2. giraflor [deleted] 117 months ago | reply

    wie schön! was ein kontrast! hier kriegt man nie plamen zu den kerzen zu sehen ;)

  3. tabrandt 111 months ago | reply

    Fantastic entry for photofridays "Red"

  4. ciotka 110 months ago | reply

    Oh I love the place! This reminded me how much I'd like to go to Barca again. But I don't like the photo in terms of the Safe-photo. The candles lack mystery, the far palms lack colour and the sky is a white hole... Not this time.

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  5. DaniCast 110 months ago | reply

    I would like if was a detail photo. Too much candles, too much information.

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  6. magal (Manuel Galrinho) 110 months ago | reply

    I don't like

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  7. Mazhewift [deleted] 110 months ago | reply

    Don't like the tilted composition. Delete Me 4

  8. Djumbo 110 months ago | reply

    Too much information in the photo. My eyes don't know where to look first.

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  9. diyosa 110 months ago | reply

    I think it's a great idea but not executed to it's potential.

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  10. Redgum 110 months ago | reply

    Not sure how this one could be fixed, other than a serious adjustment to DoF. There's just so much wrong with it. Is the topic red candles?

    Wax on.... wax off.

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  11. laNDN 110 months ago | reply

    From this angle, at this time of day this is as good as it gets.

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  12. jeffreyworthen 110 months ago | reply

    eh. doesn't speak to me, there's a story here but it's not told through this photo.

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  13. Fred [feukiou] [deleted] 110 months ago | reply

    bring elton john and you will achieve the ultimate cheesy art.
    "liike a kandlle in ze wiiind"
    lady Di is dead... fucking dead

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  14. Urban Disturbance 110 months ago | reply

    well, fair enough...at least this time Schizoo is not trying to teach me Spanish, so I'll see this positively...

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