William Fulton Jackson Album
William Fulton Jackson, born in Glasgow in 1855, was the General Manager of the North British Railway Company. University of Glasgow Archive Services holds his photo albums which document his life and travels.

These albums give a unique insight into Edwardian family life and the middle classes; they show everything from the family relaxing at home in Edinburgh to travels abroad in Egypt. As well as containing thousands of photos they are also captioned, giving information about the date, location and identities of people within the image.

This album follows William Fulton Jackson over the summer of 1914. A map, showing where Jackson went, can be viewed here: www.historypin.com/channels/view/55135/#!tours/view/id/33...
Each week we will upload new images, taken exactly one hundred years ago to the day.

View the catalogue for the collection here: archiveshub.ac.uk/data/gb248-dc111. If you are interested in viewing this collection, please contact the Duty Archivist: www.gla.ac.uk/services/archives/contactus/
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