NYPD removing bicycles at Bedford Ave Station

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    Around 7 pm on October 5, 2005 the NYPD removed bicycles locked to the entrance of the Bedford Avenue L station in Williamsburg. Locks were cut, bicycles were tagged and driven away in vans without prior warning. Although signs indicate property attached to these MTA railings will be removed, there was no such warning for bicycles removed from nearby signposts.
    No city or state law that prohibits or affirms the right to lock bicycles to public street fixtures. According to New York State Vehicle and Traffic Law, Article 24, Section 1115, a locked bicycle cannot alter or interfere with the operation of traffic signals, signs, signposts, lampposts, or any other public street fixtures. Because of potential harm, locking to a tree is illegal. The NYPD pamphlet on Bicycle Safety and Security recommends locking to street signs.

    This situation underscores the need for more outdoor bicycle parking, one of the many important issues Transportation Alternatives is working on. If you walk or bicycle in New York City, you should really consider becoming a member.

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    1. Steven Vance 89 months ago | reply

      miss.mars: Maybe STIHL will start marketing that saw to police departments as the ultimate bike lock cutter. LOL

    2. ampersanderson 81 months ago | reply

      wow. glad you posted this. great shot too.

    3. METS_87 65 months ago | reply

      (Although signs indicate property attached to these MTA railings will be removed)

      like a bike you moron..the sign there listen

    4. elkue 65 months ago | reply

      METS_87 -

      Don't call someone out as a moron if you don't check your facts -

      The NYPD is required to post notifications on bicycles at least 3 days before they plan to remove them - which was not done in this situation. Therefore, the outcry is justified.

    5. mister mark davis 65 months ago | reply

      beyond the law I think we can all agree this is certainly a dick move.
      This lacks courtesy, professionalism, and respect.

    6. METS_87 64 months ago | reply

      how do you know? did you stand there for three days watching these bikes? of course not . don"t chain your bike someone it shouldn't be

    7. elkue 64 months ago | reply


      If you do some more research on this incident, you will find that the NYPD did not follow proper protocol in notifying the property owners of an impending removal.

      Also, many people lock their bikes in places like this because the city fails to provide adequate (legal) bicycle parking on the street (while this situation has been improved recently).

      In certain precincts around the city, the NYPD encourages locking to other street furniture and structures when adequate bike parking is not available.

      It is factors like the two I listed above which result in people locking to subway entrances. Not pure idiocy or carelessness - save that for the NYPD.

    8. METS_87 64 months ago | reply

      well. how about when people legally park there car on a street and have to climb over mountains of bikes chained to whatever they can and some of them don't have tires,seats,handle bars etc. or walking down streets and going around bikes here and there its annoying i hope the nypd keeps taking the bikes if you don't like it keep your bike in your apt or house w.e it's the city streets and they can do whatever they like on there sidewalks,streets,crosswalks

      thank you nypd

    9. elkue 64 months ago | reply

      OK, clearly you have some deeper personal issues than we can discuss here. I recommend you see a therapist, or as an alternative, join the NYPD.

    10. METS_87 64 months ago | reply

      or maybe if you weren't such a liberal cunt douche bag. people would actually care about what you had to say but they don't so you don't like the nypd or nyc we have a great mass transit system a few airports,ferry's, use them to your advantage and get the fuck out nyc. oh hey you can even ride your bike outta here.

    11. METS_87 64 months ago | reply

      maybe you can't read jeff. i was telling her to leave nyc not go to work by plane, but maybe you're head to far up you're ass to see that.

    12. METS_87 64 months ago | reply

      well the comment was never too you was it? but again you're head to far up you're ass

      no i call you a girl because you whine like one

      you should change you're name to ratherbebitching

    13. METS_87 64 months ago | reply

      wow because i type something really quick on my profile, i may seem like a moron but you seem like a stalker, i bet ten bucks you're a dirty long haired hipster who hangs out on bedford ave not taking showers for weeks and talking about how everything is art

    14. METS_87 64 months ago | reply

      so maybe you can both suck each other dicks now, maybe if you didn't send 100 messages you would of not got blocked

    15. Pseud O 59 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called www.flickr.com/groups/1027494@N25/, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    16. MPIREphotog 49 months ago | reply

      Is that guy with the saw an Auxillary ESU officer? I didn't know they had APO/ ESU

    17. MPIREphotog 49 months ago | reply

      Interesting.. thanks cyclosity

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