Last wish (fries) and Last wish (carrots) by Marta Zarin-Gelze (Latvia)
Banana by Mette Harrestrup (Albertslund, Denmark)
Not hungry? Someone is by Maria Kruuchek and Olga Stadnikova (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Check your basket (red) by Liisi Reitalu (Tallinn, Estonia)
Best before – good after by Petur Hansen (Copenhagen, Denmark/Faroe Islands)
Bin think by Niklas Hultquist (Denmark)
Eat responsibly by Troels Dahl Haulrich (Odense, Denmark)
Reduce you foodprint by Lii Ranniku (Estonia)
Eat it or leave it by Asger Rasmussen (Denmark)
Would you trash her? (like you trash a wrinkled apple) by Rikke Mikkelsen (Denmark)
Farming of tomorrow (Paris) and Farming of tomorrow (Moscow) by Julus Harrebek (Denmark)
Most of your food flies away by Christer Lieberath (Sweden)
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