2014 Earth Wellness Festival
The annual Earth Wellness Festival (EWF) for fifth graders is now in its 20th year! Approximately 3,200 Lancaster County students attended EWF on March 26 & 27 at Southeast Community College in Lincoln, Nebraska. EWF started in 1994 and more than 60,000 students have participated since the beginning.

Students discover and explore the relationships and interdependency of land, water, air and living resources through hands-on activities. Forty-six local schools participate in the EWF. Classrooms attending the festival received pre-festival learning kits in October. At the festival, students rotate among 25-minute sessions focusing on land, water, air and living resources; then attend a culminating activity with featured presenters, World Bird Sanctuary from St. Louis.

Hundreds of volunteers, area educators, environmentalists, government representatives, as well as donations from local businesses, make this educational experience possible. The EWF steering committee is comprised of ten local educational resource agencies.

For more information, go to lancaster.unl.edu/ewf
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