Carrollton Baptist Church 7

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    (7 photos in this set) The Carrollton Baptist Church, Carrollton, Mississippi was built 1894. This brick structure effectively set on a rise has the gable end facing the street. A decorative effect in the cornice of the front gable seems to be alternating dots and dashes. Prominent are the stuccoed caps on the buttresses and stuccoed surrounds for the lancet windows. The steeple is off-center. Above the main entrance is a course of ornamental brickwork and two of the lancet windows. Above these are two understated rows of corbelling. Lance shaped vents are situated above this, all topped by a steeple with a cross. Brackets punctuate the cornice of the roof from which the steeple rises. The church is part of the Carrollton Historic District, listed (Nov 27, 1978) on the National Register of Historic Places, #78001590.

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