New Brainland Map
Created a DEM from a B & W photo of a brain from the angle I was after with lots of layers, blurring and inner/outer glow layer effects. From this dem I generated contours by using Photoshops Trace Contour filter and auto-traced them to get vectors. I know not ideal but I had never generated contours and altough a reasonable knowlege of the concepts behind a gis had never really worked in the software.

From here I made the Hyposometric Relief image and drew the imagainary loctions over the top in Illustrator. Was nice having the dem availible to quickly throw the map over the dem and be able to see the lay of the land in 3d from different angles. Biggest problem was getting a feel for scale which was meant to simulate a NZ 1:50k topo map.

Copies of this map can be got from
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