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Light within all living beings | by Unitopia
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Light within all living beings

Our path as humans is to be like the sun, letting the light of consciousness shine on all living beings. We can call it kindfulness, and soulshine.


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A flower or a sunset remind us of this unconditional love. We can rest in its beauty and it nourishes the soul.


Like all other talents, loving each other requires training, through relationships, friendships, conflicts and peace, we all know the cosmic drill :)


Darkness and light are simply different aspects of the gift of life.



I am very inspired by Martinus Cosmology, a spiritual and eternal world picture, and would like to share some advice that Martinus gave, from an article called "A question of tolerance":


1. Discard the concept of 'enemies' from your consciousness.

2. Never retort against anger, slander or other forms of

unpleasantness directed against you.

3. Never say anything evil about anyone or anything.

4. Be absolutely truthful and honest in all situations of life.

5. Be absolutely uninfluenced by flattery, praise and criticism.

6. Never take part in killing, wounding or mutilating.

7. Never let your thoughts deviate from being concerned how you best can serve your fellow beings. In so doing you will practise the very highest form of yoga or the most perfect training of that part of your development which is within the scope of your will......


In case of interest, you will find some more info here:


The whole article here as PDF: A question of tolerance




The flower is a wild Mezereon, Daphne mezereum, one of the first you see during early spring in Sweden. It is a small bush here, and has a lovely scent.


Thank you so much for your visits and kind comments.


Light & joy to you all!





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Taken on March 19, 2009