On The Move - Breathitt 10-16-14
Unfortunately, drug abuse is a major problem in today’s society. It seems that we hear more and more about the disasters brought on through the abuse of drugs. These include robberies, accidents, fights, and even death. There is no magic cure that will help solve all of these problems. However, Nan Herald, the director of the BHS Youth Service Center, recently teamed up with UNITE in order to offer a program call “On the Move” in order to teach students about the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse.

“On The Move!” is Operation UNITE’s newest drug education and prevention initiative. The five-component program is provided free to schools – through a partnership with the U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Appalachia High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area (HIDTA) – targeting students in 7th and 10th grades. Program instruction meets standards of the Kentucky Core Content areas of Practical Living and Health.

Throughout the day on Thursday, October 16, Mrs. Herald worked with UNITE members, GEAR UP academic specialists, VISTA volunteers, and other parent/community engagement workers in order to provide this valuable program to the 10th grade students at BHS.

The highlights of the day included an interactive mobile classroom where students learned about the dangers of drugs, a fatal vision tricycle course that demonstrated the debilitating effect of drugs and alcohol when operating a vehicle, and “distract-a-match” where students were distracted while trying to put together a simple puzzle. This helped show the dangers of distracted driving.

The students then were able to move to the computer lab where they completed a KIP survey. KIP stands for the Kentucky Incentives for Prevention. The Kentucky Incentives for Prevention (KIP) Survey is part of the Governor’s Youth Substance Abuse Prevention Initiative. Since 1999, the KIP Survey has been administered in Kentucky through the Substance Abuse Prevention Program in the Cabinet for Health and Family Services, through agreements with individual school districts across the state. Students also completed an anti-bullying pledge in collaboration with Americorps VISTA worker Lynn Combs.

Students enjoyed the day’s activities and learned a great deal about the dangers of alcohol and drug abuse. Several stated that the hands-on activities really helped them see how drugs and alcohol can affect their lives…and the lives of others. Thanks to UNITE and the BHS YSC, along with GEAR UP, these students are better prepared to make wiser choices when it comes avoiding drugs and alcohol.
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