Harbor Point Demo & Hearing
On Wednesday, July 17, the Fair Development Campaign held a demonstration in front of City Hall to protest the proposed $107 million TIF for the Harbor Point project (see below for more on the TIF). Dozens of Baltimore residents from across the city participated in the demonstration. Speakers included Shantress Wise and Alize LeGrand, from the United Workers, and Thomas Scott and Roxie Herbekian, from Unite Here local 7.

Time and again, the city has awarded our resources to wealthy developers at the taxpayers’ expense in the hope that money will trickle down. This model has failed. The Harbor Point TIF deal is more of the same. The Fair Development Campaign demands Fair Development, which promotes good jobs for city residents, makes economic sense for the whole city, ensures that residents’ needs are met, and that citizens have full access to participation. The proposed Harbor Point development does none of this.

With the TIF, the city is promising to build infrastructure for the project. In exchange, the cost of the new infrastructure will be payed back over time through the location’s increased tax revenue. In reality, it doesn’t usually work so seamlessly, and the actual cost of repaying the Harbor Point could increase to roughly $400 million.

The Fair Development Campaign is a joint collaboration between UNITE HERE Local 7 and United Workers, and has been endorsed by AFSCME, IATSE, NAACP, Interfaith Worker Justice, the Presbytery of Baltimore, and several community organizations.
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