Baghdad Marathon 2018
Baghdad, Iraq, 30 November 2018 - The Baghdad Marathon 2018 kicked off today with runners, walkers and enthusiastic supporters braving chilly, rainy weather to participate in the run in the Iraqi capital for the fourth year in a row.

This year's marathon on a weekend Friday brought together hundreds of people to the central Abu Nawas Street uniting to advocate for sport as a tool for peace and against violence. It comes as Baghdad is enjoying peace after a long period of violence caused by terrorism.

Many girls participated. A father brought his four children along the route. Ahmed Ala’a, head of the Sport Against Violence organization which organised the marathon, said that most of the more than 700 people who had registered participated despite the rain. “The people deserve to have a day to express themselves through sport and running,” he said.

Photos: UNAMI PIO/Sana Kareem
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