Life in a Refugee Camp
Life in a refugee camp. The images of sprawling, smoke filled tent cities should be familiar to anyone who watches the nightly television news. However, reality of life in such a place - day after day, year after year - is almost unimaginable for most of us. For this reason, in this photo set, we will also take a closer look at what goes on inside a refugee camp.

Each of the camps is organized according to structures adopted by the camps inhabitants, but refugee coordinators and work groups form part of its administration, and the division of responsabilities is made accordingly. Each refugee camp around the world is therefore unique, while presenting common structures and features.

While most people tend to think of camps when they think of refugees, it's worth noting that UNHCR actually prefers not to put people in large camps if it can be avoided. In many countries, for example, refugees live and work side-by-side with the local population. This is the preferred way of dealing with refugees. But when huge numbers of refugees suddenly converge on a neighboring country, there is often little choice but to establish camps.
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