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Bed bug Bites | by unforth
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Bed bug Bites

Yep. I got bed bugs. Life sucks. Well, not that much.


Since I've noticed that this picture is getting hits, I thought I should add a bit more info.


Different people react very differently to bed bugs. Some people don't manifest noticeable bites at all. Even when you do get noticeable bites, some people don't find them itchy - and other people find them very, VERY itchy (mine were moderate - annoying but resistable). Be careful about itching them - they can get infected pretty easily. Even when I didn't itch them, some of mine kind of "dried out" and scabbed over even though I'd hardly itched them at all. I've heard that normal anti-itch stuff doesn't work - I don't know, though, I hate medicine and so I just kinda coped.


Bites often manifest hours or days after the actual biting takes place, and they take a long time to fade - the set closest to the bottom of this shot were my first bites, and they were still visible more than two weeks later - probably closer to three.


Bed bug bites come in clusters. Judging by when I noticed them, there are no less than three clusters visible in this shot. (I've marked them with three different notes.) At least for me, I found that most of my bites were on my arms, though I had a few on my legs and a few on my chest, belly and lower back (my lower back was certainly because the bed bugs were in my couch as well, and this was an easily accessible spot while sitting on the couch.)


My apartment had bed bugs for approximately two weeks before the exterminator came, and they were definitely growing in population. Since the two exterminator treatments, I now haven't gotten any new bites in about a month - so here's hoping. :)


Feel free to ask me questions in comments or via Flickr e-mail. I don't know tons but I'd be happy to help if I can. :)


(follow-up: I did end up getting re-infested in May, 09. I moved in October of 09, and have been bed bug free since then, but it took a LOT of work...)

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Taken on March 16, 2009