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A little taste of summer. 8/52. | by jesuismeganjean
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A little taste of summer. 8/52.

Week eight of fifty-two.

[May 21-27]


Ah this week has been filled so much with summer. I can taste it. It tingles on my skin has I start to warm up by the sun. I feel it every time I slip on a new tank top or I notice I got a little tanner. Summer is dangling in the air only waiting for me to grab it. This summer will be the best summer I have yet. I can feel it in the weather. I can taste it in the lemonade. I can hear it in the bird's songs. I can see it in my eyes as blue as the sky. I can smell it in the air. It's going to be life changing.


Week Eight: This week has been one of the most bittersweet weeks I have had in such a long time. It went by so fast too..I don't even know where time goes...Wednesday it was the seniors last day. They were all jumping around...the school just became empty without them there...I just have come to realize how much little time I have left & how fast it's going. I took my childhood for granted & really wish I could have it back....we spend our childhood wanting to be older..then spend our adulthood wanting to be younger. We take so much for granted. I was thinking today how I worry about getting older..but then realized my mother is getting older & so is my dad. So I need to stop being so selfish & appreciate them. There's this one guy this week though that has been making me feel so young, wild, & free. He warms my heart & gives me butterflies to know end. I need to be braver & just say my feelings. Ahhhhhhhh. Anyway, on Friday I fell ill. I was very upset because I was supposed to help with a pancake breakfast that morning for my teachers. & I really wanted to! On Saturday I picked those daises from neighbors lawn for my mom. I'm such a rebel. ;) & I went shopping too. Bought that shirt I am wearing right there. & some other little things! It was rainy that whole day so we spent it watching movies & my dad is so sweet; he cooked for my mom<3 Today I have been outside soaking up that beautiful sun helping my mom around the house. It's depressing because I feel like I have no friends. During school, I have so many friends, but then I never hang out with most of them outside of school. I just want to be surrounded by people.....yeah, it's been quite a bittersweet week I'd say.

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Taken on May 27, 2012