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A pair of wings so I can fly away. | by jesuismeganjean
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A pair of wings so I can fly away.

My heart aches like nothing else before. I am so hurt to the point sometimes where I don't feel anything at all. I just can't believe after almost a year things have already fallen apart. The first time we started talking; I felt something. I even wrote a song about you. A song in how I knew this was going to be more than special. Nothing like that has ever happened to me. I've never felt that electric vibe in my heart. You were so wonderful, but then things started to go downhill because you stopped caring. There's this one moment as soon as I wake up I feel so happy and ready to start a day just for a split second. Then, reality slowly sets in and I realize you're no longer mine. It hurts so I slowly get ready with a few tears here and there. I then put this fake wall up of a happy not hurt Megan. Even though, overall I am a happy person deep down I am heartbroken. I go to school not thinking about what happened and just go with it. Occasionally, I see your face, but you see right past me like I'm not even there. My heart stops for a moment thinking that we're still together; when we're not. After a long day, I go home emotionally exhausted and just cry for awhile. It's not a bad thing. It's a way for me to let out all my negative feelings for holding up all day. This is such a fresh sharp pain I always feel now and I know a little piece of my heart will always belong to this boy. He changed my life in a dramatic way and now I have to live my life right now without expecting him to come around. I will stay positive. I will get out of this and be a happy person. But for now I'm growing a pair of wings to fly away for awhile and find myself again.


I guess I took this photo just to let some of my feelings out. I was inspired by her.You haven't lived until you see her photos. Please bare with me guys. If you haven't guessed, my boyfriend and I broke up recently and I am sad. But I promise I will be happy. :) Oh, & thanks for 500 views on my photostream!! :D

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Taken on January 27, 2012