Guinea-Bissau - National Adaptation Planning - NAP-GSP
The risks of climate change are very real for the people of Guinea-Bissau. Two out of three people live in poverty in this small country on the West Coast of Africa, and climate risks such as diminishing rainfall, temperature rise, and aquifers and rice fields that are flooded with salt water threaten to derail efforts to reduce poverty, protect food security and build a resilient nation.

With the goal of supporting the government to build a roadmap for Guinea-Bissau’s National Adaptation Plan (NAP), the joint United Nations Development Programme–UN Environment National Adaptation Plan Global Support Programme (NAP-GSP) is working to connect government, departments, stakeholders from across civil society, the private sector and various branches of government.

With the endorsement of the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, H.E. Antonio Serifo Embalo, the Government of Guinea-Bissau led an inception workshop this late January and early February to identify and plan for technical support activities and the multi-sectoral cooperation needed to formulate and implement Guinea-Bissau’s NAP processes.
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