a coffeehouse fundraiser for the children of Gogo, Philippines**

LIVE Guest performers include: Underwoman and the Believers(!), the Dave chow band(!), Lady Tina CuCu(!), Phong Bui-Quang(!), and more(!).

there will also be a brief special presentation featuring the kids of the village of Gogo.

[within the island of Cebu, Philippines, tucked away in the borough of Compostella, is the small rural village of "Gogo". it's a collection of 40 families living in modest dwellings, who live a subsistence lifestyle with barely enough wages to cover food. most of the families have multiple children who fend for themselves during the day, while the parents are away from the village, working hard to what amounts to somewhere around $2-5/day, if they're fortunate.

although there are public schools for the kids, there are still fees to pay in order to go to them. this "tuition" has been a big barrier, preventing most of these kids from getting an education.

all proceeds from the coffeehouse will be for them.]

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