...cosmetics drawer.

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    ...these're typically not necessary if one is embalmed well.

    ...which is good, because I hate using them.

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    1. Twinmama ages ago | reply

      Now there's a designer's niche if I ever heard one...

    2. efatima [deleted] ages ago | reply

      good picture.

    3. Ingrid! ages ago | reply

      'perma' cosmetics, that's what I need. Too lazy to put it on every morning ...

    4. crankydoodle ages ago | reply

      It's no Lancome; that's for certain! :)

    5. underbunny ages ago | reply

      ...although I've used that too. :)

    6. ms.Tea ages ago | reply

      do you dislike using them, because of how they look, or do they have an unpleasant smell?

    7. underbunny ages ago | reply

      ...none of them smell bad, & can look good in small amounts--
      but only when stippled in to hide things. Like cuts & bruises,
      or spots of dehydration. I almost always have to add the
      tiniest bit of lipcolour too, the lips can be so pale.

      ...once in awhile I'm forced to use a bit more--
      upon wax to hide a bullethole, or to rebuild a nose.

      ...some lazy undertakers'll slather it on mercilessly, hence my distaste.

    8. Lohphat ages ago | reply

      Now I know where drag queens shop.

      Seriously, I've been looking at your photos and am glad your're here -- it made me slow down a bit and ponder things.

      My grandmother's mortuary made her into a clown and left her with a grimacing smile not her own.

      Would it help you to have a good recient pic of the person to help you out?

    9. underbunny ages ago | reply

      ...absolutely-- not having a lazy &/or fuckwitted undertaker is also good.
      The most helpful thing would be if I knew the person I was embalming.
      That rarely happens.

      ...the eyes draw the most attention in life, but in death, it's the mouth.
      I wish your last sight of her hadn't been such an unpleasant one.
      I hope you're remembering her before it.

    10. Lohphat ages ago | reply

      You know you're right -- it is the mouth -- I knew that somehow but couldn't put my finger on it.

      Sometimes besides the mouth guard things it seems that there's some funky retainer-like action happening that makes them look like The Joker.

      Takk for det.

    11. Sam Scholes ages ago | reply

      How strange...

    12. underbunny ages ago | reply

      ...what's strange?

    13. Sam Scholes ages ago | reply

      The cosmetics shown in the photograph.

    14. Phils Room 119 months ago | reply

      I was at a viewing once and the lady said out loud.... "the funeral directors make my husband look like a transvestite!" Which was comical in the sense he was a rough leather neck marine and would never be caught dead wearing makeup.hmmmmmmm

    15. !efatima 119 months ago | reply

      ...so all this done coz friends and family of the deceased come to pay their respects? Is this done for those who are cremated also?

    16. underbunny 119 months ago | reply

      ...that's precisely what I'm not going for, phils. It's just not acceptable.

      ...efatima, like I said above, I don't typically use these. If the family opts to have viewing of any sort & there's something wrong that wasn't fixed with embalming, then I will the use the cosmetic. As lightly as possible. One can view regardless of whether they're being buried or cremated.

    17. Human affairs 113 months ago | reply

      Uhhh the truth hurts, that even the natural glow is enhanched by make-up...even after life

    18. The Paper Doll 110 months ago | reply

      I so want a set of these. What would be the difference between the pigments in those jars and a really well pigmented cosmetic line like MAC? I primarily use MAC in my kit when I make up the living.

    19. Sally J Ryder [deleted] 39 months ago | reply

      A superb shot, and a fascinating photostream. Thank you so much for sharing it all underbunny. Very thought-provoking stuff.

    20. Lishade 35 months ago | reply

      Retro style

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