Lightning, forked

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    Is this one that started the fires? I took this the night before the fires. There was a prolonged lightning storm over there. It didn't seem to move much in the 2 hours I watched it. I'm zoomed out about 10X to get this. The mountains visible at bottom are about 15 miles or so from me.

    For those interested. My night time exposure is limited to 6 seconds. Plus the storage time & focus time mean I only can get 2-3 photos a minute. Also I'm zoomed out almost all the way so I have an extremely narrow field of focus. What all this means is I took about 175 photos of which only 15 showed any color at all. And this is the best of those 15. Thanks to digital camera I can take as many "bad" photos as I have to. To get 1 good one.

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    1. Uncle Jerry in Golden Valley, AZ 107 months ago | reply

      Could this be the one that started this?
      Black Mountain Fire 1

    2. Bill A 107 months ago | reply

      Wow! The lights in the homes in the foreground provide a sense of scale, which makes this image an effective depiction of the size and tremendous inherent energy contained in the lightning strikes.

    3. The Renaissance 107 months ago | reply

      A stunning shot - well worth all the 'not good enough' cast offs!

    4. Pixel Packing Mama 107 months ago | reply

      Fabulous shot. I have never been ready at the right time with all the right equipment to get a good shot (not to mention a great shot like this). Delina

    5. Rocky Pix 107 months ago | reply


      I remember that I got some really good lightning shots at one time. If I dismember correctly, the trick I read was to simply leave the shutter open with the apperture set and hold a scrap of black velvet in front of the lens. Flick the cloth out of the way when one lights up. It's a good way to stack up more than one on a frame. I wonder where those chromes went?


    6. mseratt99 107 months ago | reply

      This shot has the wow factor!!! Excellent!!!

    7. rod murrow 106 months ago | reply

      Great shot - definitely a "WOW" effect going on here!!

    8. Fonk 106 months ago | reply

      Very impressive

    9. Buglugs 106 months ago | reply

      Your image is awesome Jerry...
      Capturing a lightning storm can be very exciting if your in the right place.

    10. KristofZ 104 months ago | reply

      great picture!

    11. bacimaging 104 months ago | reply

      This is an excellent shot.
      I dont think you should bring yourself down over the number of shots you take to get "one" good photo. Hey - it's the tool of the day, and otherwise we all wouldn't have enjoyed this shot or many others.

    12. berlinoa 103 months ago | reply

      my oh my ** what a great shot & timing - do you use any electronic gagets for making such well timed pics???

    13. Uncle Jerry in Golden Valley, AZ 103 months ago | reply

      Just 175 or so 6 second exposures.

    14. yewenyi 102 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the advice on how to take the photo. I have always wondered how. :-)

    15. thethi (don't like the new layout) 101 months ago | reply

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    16. william_j_ny 87 months ago | reply

      Wonderful shot!
      William, my symbian blog

    17. wickedphysics 22 months ago | reply

      Great photo, thanks for sharing it. I've used in a presentation for my students about severe weather

    18. tarbrijr 11 months ago | reply

      Great capture, beautiful.

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