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Post Huffington:  Brett Walker / Hasta que los dedos sangren | by una cierta mirada
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Post Huffington: Brett Walker / Hasta que los dedos sangren

En el nuevo post del Huffington llega el turno de uno de los maestros de flickr: Brett Walker. Su obra es de sobra conocida para muchos de vosotros. Además de acercarnos a uno de sus grandes retratos, conoceremos algo mejor su personalidad y biografía, tan sorprendente como su obra.


La traducción del texto que aparece en el blog y que podéis leer abajo es obra de Mark Donnelly . Muchas gracias por el esfuerzo y a Brett Walker por su colaboración (y por sus impagables imágenes).


No olvidéis que podéis compartirlo en facebook, retwittearlo , enviarlo por mail, suscribiros, etc...


Till your fingers bleed


Brett Walker


His portraits are like that: emotive, intense and dramatic. The souls of his subjects are left as naked as their faces. He takes away the veils of appearance, savoir faire, power and leaves them with nothing to hide behind. And it is so his portraits exude pain, anguish, madness, heartbreak…


The ghosts from his past in the world of fashion are almost imperceptible, although they are present in his use of light, technique and versatility. It does however seem the complete opposite to the aestheticism we often see in the pages of a fashion magazine. His portraits are a testimony to a unique and real moment and not something that has been staged.


In this portrait as in many others of Walker's work, beauty does not hide the apparent pain. He doesn’t try to beautify the woman but to show a hidden side. However a miracle is performed that only serves to intensify her beauty. Blacks frame the eyes and fill the shadows of her hair and part of the face. You can almost touch the grain giving it a texture from another time. The little reflections in the eyes add emotion and intensity to a gaze that drills through the screen. Be careful not to look at her too long: it hurts.


Brett Walker (Blackburn Royal Infirmary, England, 1962)


Brett Walker’s trajectory is meteoric, surprising and unpredictable. At the ripe age of 18 he is already making a living as a photographer in London and at 22 he is the only European fashion photographer in Tokyo. His 1980’s are totally dedicated to fashion photography until he tires of the frivolity of a world, which is strange to him. Beaten by his own ethics he begins to travel the world as a merchant sailor living in such places as Angola, Bangkok or Brazil and works with street children. He couldn’t distance himself further from the world of fashion although he doesn’t totally give up on photography. It is in the new millennium that he forgets about the dark room and the old Alchemy and plunges into the world of Polaroid and then digital. With such a great background he doesn’t look for inspiration in the past but in the freshness and disinhibition of young photographers. Asked why he recommends young photographers who are just starting out, he makes a declaration of principles: They shoot till their fingers bleed.

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Uploaded on July 17, 2012