UN Day Retrospective
In honour of the 70th Anniversary of the United Nations and as part of the 2015 UN Day activities (24 October), UN Photo is proud to present a retrospective gallery featuring "UN Day" images from throughout the years. The photos span from the first UN Day celebrations on Organization’s third birthday in 1948, to 2001, when the Photo Unit began using digital photography. The collection is a remarkably diverse array of UN Day images from around the world: from a shopkeeper’s window display in Copenhagen, Denmark to a UN Emergency Force basketball tournament in Gaza to previously un-digitized images from historic UN Day Concerts.
The UN Photo Library holds a collection of over 800,000 photographs, of which approximately 210,000 are considered part of our “Photo Archives” from prior to 2005. In 2009 a large-scale digitization project saw the initial scanning of much of the archival collection. However, due to the natural deterioration of photographic images over the years, many of these images cannot be made available to the public as they must first be carefully retouched by our professional photographers in order to ensure that the digital version is of a similar quality to the original.
This retrospective project was curated by our Photo Unit & Photo Library teams. We hope these images will evoke our deepest respect for the work of the United Nations and UN family across the globe. For more information on this project, on the Photo Library’s archival collection, or on the digitization and retouching process, please contact the Photo Library at photolibr@un.org.
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