Refugees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs)
The UN family is committed to assisting those forcibly displaced or forced to flee their homes – often due to war, civil unrest or natural disasters. The United Nations humanitarian action network provides broad support to some 4.5 million refugees and 13.7 million internally displaced persons in today’s world: from the supply of basic necessities such as food, water and medications, to the provision of emergency shelters or assistance returning refugees to their homes.

On the basis of the Convention relating to the Status of Refugees and its Protocol the major UN bodies are actively involved to ease their plight and assure their fundamental rights and freedoms. The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is the lead agency with respect to the protection of refugees and the internally displaced.

The United Nations Photo Library ( holds a collection of approximately 800,000 photographs dating back to the mid-1940s chronicling the history of the Organization and its work. The collection includes coverage of historic UN meetings and events, as well as a wide array of field coverage from its earliest days.

The Photo Library's mission is to make its collection available to media organizations, governments and non-governmental organizations, researchers and civil society at large, in order to foster public understanding of the work of the United Nations and its goals.
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