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Week 27: Adventures in Averell | by Umpire's Photographer
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Week 27: Adventures in Averell

It’s a place where kings rule, battles are fought with swords, bows & arrows; dragons live in mountain tops and the forests’ hold dark and mysterious creatures. This place has mountains so high winter never leaves, valleys so wide it takes weeks cross and seas so big no one knows what’s on the other side. Like every other world, evil is over taking. It comes slowly with destruction. They all know this; they all know their world grows colder, days are becoming shorter. What they lack is the knowledge of what to do, how can you fight back when you can’t even see the predator coming?


In this place there is a secret: a book; a book that has had hundreds of stories sung about it. “It’s a myth and legend!” Some will tell you. But there are a select few who believe the book is real– are they willing to try and find it?


In this place, this world where evil is beginning to rein, a newcomer arrives. Does she realize what she’s fallen into? Does she understand or even have a glimpse of the battles about to happen?


This place is Averell, and Andrea has fallen into it.



I've always wanted to write. Publishing a novel would be one of the coolest things ever to me, but well, I always found my writing skills to....suck. Not to mentions I couldn't even figure out my own plots I wanted them to be so complex(when it comes to writing, I'm not organized AT ALL!)


When I was 14 or 15 I started a story: Adventures in Averell. Eventually I gave up on it, but still years later I will think up of scenes or characters that would be perfect for it. For this week's photo I wanted to do an Alice in Wonderland theme, but I lacked a blue dress. ): After nights of thinking of what to do I thought: What if I make Averell? Instead of Alice in Wonderland it will be like "Alex in Averell"(even though the main character is Andrea...not that original I know)


I wish my edit job was a little more "WOW That's SO COOL!" But its not. Averell's forests I can't say are much different than ours.(it really depends on WHICH forest you're in though) Get to the ocean and hill scenes yeah, its different for sure. And I also wanted to keep it looking real as possible - I think I need to master my PP skills a biiiiit more.


So anyway, here is the scene where 'Andrea' firsts enters Averell(Alice in Wonderland a bit? haha)


click to read about Averell's Key:

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Taken on July 2, 2011