Mom2Mom Collection with the GlassBook Project Debut (July 2011)
It’s hard to understand the challenges of mothers of children with special needs unless you’ve been there. But as more and more children are diagnosed as having special needs – whether due to a developmental or mental disability or a disease such as cancer – the desire to share insight about those experiences with partners, family and friends grows.

This summer, a group of 15 moms who connected through the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey’s MOM2MOM, a peer support initiative to assist mothers of special needs children with their everyday stresses, came together to create an accordion-style glass book depicting their joys and struggles as the caregivers of a child with special needs. They celebrated their collaboration July 7 with the debut of Breathless: Mothers of Children with Special Needs at the Paul Robeson Main Gallery. Through the exhibition, these women hope to raise the national consciousness of what it is like to be that caregiver.

The exhibition is on display through July 27.

Accompanying the glass book is an issue brief created by national trauma expert Helga Luest. The brief highlights some of the challenges these moms face, including depression; anxiety; illness; fatigue; isolation (from family, friends, school, dating relationships, faith community, etc.); violence and uncontrollable behavior; job and career struggles and financial strain (from the cost of caring for their children to how their situations impact their jobs).
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