Jeux Video, l'Expo - Cité des Sciences (Paris)
A bit of demoscene and chiptune in a national exhibition about vidoe games, at the national museum of Science, La Cité des Sciences.

From october 2013 to august 2014, you can visit an exhibition about video games, at the Cité des Sciences, national museum of sciences, in Paris. One big screen is dedicated to some domains, more or less amateur, linked to video games or video games systems, like game jam sessions, contemporary art, speedruns, parodies, cosplay, retrogaming, e-sports, mods ... and also demoscene and chiptune. It features a video of Revision 2011 and my demoscene mates, and an extract from my Blip Tokyo liveset, courtesy of Jeriaska ( The visitors can control the sequence they want to see with a system of kinects. There is also a big screen about rpg gamers and guilde, and many interactive games and explanations. There is also a nice shop ! 2 ministers where present, Aurélie Filippetti (culture) and Geneviève Fiorasco (research), and also Claudie Haigneré, the 1st french women in space. Many thanks again to Laurie Grosset and Douglas Alves for the kind invitation to participate, to Jeriaska for the pictures, and to Lazerbeat and Bit Shifter who invited me to Tokyo. Here are some pictures of the opening / vernissage.
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