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Raspberry Pi 3 X-Ray | by Ultrapurple
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Raspberry Pi 3 X-Ray

An X-Ray of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B - yet another ground-breaking computer from the Raspberry Pi Foundation. It's a modern marvel of engineering!


Click image to embiggen.


This image was made using a using a Scanmax 20 X-Ray mail scanner that I found via eBay (yes, really) that I have since considerably modified. I have substantially altered the imaging system; it now comprises a Kodak Lanex Fine fluorescent screen and a Nikon D3100 camera, replacing the original high brightness, low resolution screen and video-based image capture and display. The result is a dramatic increase in resolution over the original one pixel per mm or so - I estimate it's now about 8-10 pixels per mm, a 64 to 100-fold increase in quality.


Images are further improved by multiple captures post-processed in Registax 6, which does a kind of intelligent averaging to reduce noise and enhance resolution. This image is made from about 12 exposures. There is some residual noise, of course, but it would take several dozen more exposures to make any significant improvement in signal to noise ratio (or resolution).


Please, please, please don't think that you can just get an X-Ray machine off eBay or wherever and safely start making images like this. Without proper shielding and other precautions, ionizing radiation such as X-Rays can be seriously hazardous to your health.


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Uploaded on March 1, 2016