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Roasted leg of lamb close-up

Roasted leg of lamb (30 RMB; exchange rate $1 = 7.9 RMB)


Notes: We had been so hoping to order the very-local lamb hot pot. But, being summer, and over 100 degrees (F) outside, lamb-based restaurants discontinue service until the colder temperatures inspire people to order the restoring meal.


So, we settled on this course. You can order the whole let (50 RMB) or half, which we did. If you order it whole, they carve it from the shank table-side. The half portion is pre-cut when it arrives at the table.


This was a most curious and wonderful tasting dish. The lamb meat, almost want to say it was mutton, was extremely musky - a taste that I *LOVE*. The curious thing are the spices used - I believe I tasted cumin and some coriander... the flavor was more Indian-Middle Eastern than Chinese. But, then again, this isn't surprising considering that this was a kosher-Muslim restaurant.


The meat itself was a tad dry - apparently having been roasted quite crispy. Still, an excellent dish!

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Taken on September 6, 2006