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First Course: Hangar Steak Tartare

The chopped hangar steak was topped with a Bernaise sauce ice cream and sided with scallions, pickled Asian pear and a bitter Amaro liquer sauce. ($15).


Notes: This dish was terribly similar to one I had at the Avenues the month before: Click Here


As beautiful as this dish is, the choice of hangar steak was unsucessful. The cut of meat was just too tough and stringy to work well in tartare form. The Bernaise ice cream's creaminess was frustrated by the chewy meat. While the flavors where all there - especially the freshness of the meat - the textures just didn't meld like I'd hoped. I preferred the Avenues version, which spoiled me with silky Wagyu beef, Bernaise ice cream and a piquant, yet substantial horseradish beignet.

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Taken on April 23, 2006