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Johanniskrautblüten -St.John's Wort

St. John's Wort blossoms. They're a potent anti-depressant, and mostly used to that purpose. St.John's Wort has countless other virtues, if diffused in oil you get a very good remedy against burns, stitches, wounds, and dry skin in general. Tea from the blossoms can be helpful with painful menstruation and cramps, also menopausal issues.

Because it blooms around summer solstice, it has a very rich mythology. It's supposed to be a powerful protector against evil, also known as 'Fuga daemonis' - Teufelsflucht. It protects against jinxes, ill wishes and was part of the 'Bettstrohkräuter' which were laid into the bed of a women who had recently given birth to protect both the mother and the newborn. A new mother was thought to be in a dangerous state, therefore lots of rules had to be obeyed to protect her, and her family from her. Maybe this was believed because giving birth, as well as entering life, takes place at a point where life and death meet each other. Interesting topic, folks, would be worth a longer article.

If you want to use St.John's Wort internally, please remember that you can't go in the sun afterwards for the day because the herb ameliorates the photosensibility of the skin.

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Taken on June 17, 2011