Lua is the letters of my name rearranged to form my name when I was high-priestess of our coven for this game we ['Maqhaq', 'Fera', 'Yuva' and 'Alvevira'] used to play in 9th grade [I got sacrificed to the goddess because 'Alvevira' was power hungry]


When my baby sister was named we realized that those letters stood for my mums three children. It was quite unintentional.

L-Lymm [the baby of the family]

U-Ula [The lovely me]

A-Anan [A.k.a Anu or Anew the middle child]


So my mum named her house that. [Lua]


Recently we found out that Lua means 'Moon' in some language [It might have been Arabic] The thing is, my mums nickname ever since she was a child has been Moon.

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Taken on January 7, 2008