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Lua is the letters of my name rearranged to form my name when I was high-priestess of our coven for this game we ['Maqhaq', 'Fera', 'Yuva' and 'Alvevira'] used to play in 9th grade [I got sacrificed to the goddess because 'Alvevira' was power hungry]

When my baby sister was named we realized that those letters stood for my mums three children. It was quite unintentional.
L-Lymm [the baby of the family]
U-Ula [The lovely me]
A-Anan [A.k.a Anu or Anew the middle child]

So my mum named her house that. [Lua]

Recently we found out that Lua means 'Moon' in some language [It might have been Arabic] The thing is, my mums nickname ever since she was a child has been Moon.

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  1. Dick Darlington™ [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

    ula-chan? where art thou?

  2. cgnsfo 87 months ago | reply

    Sent head spinning.

    The colors are indeed stunning; I even like the soft edges, when I usually am not a fan of that.
    [I never thought that Lymm could sit still, hehe]

  3. -2hu- 87 months ago | reply

    ahchaa, nice content very interesting. pic too. like the dark part alot.
    varah salhi.

  4. kenshin12015 87 months ago | reply

    -reads description-

    whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa....whoa....

    those are some strange/cool coincidences

    I love the photo by the way =]

  5. maa nasih 87 months ago | reply

    So who played Alvevira? Leesha or Rabi :P
    Love the photo. And ditto what Alex said about Lymm hehe.

  6. Tijana J. 87 months ago | reply

    beautiful moment!

  7. Anew. [deleted] 87 months ago | reply

    What about daddy? >:(

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  8. Mephistopheles71 87 months ago | reply

    it was meant to be!
    =] these your sisters?

    love it!

  9. Mephistopheles71 87 months ago | reply

    oh and theres a very depressing song also called Lua

    It's by Bright eyes

    Don't know how much you'll like
    great lyrics though
    again...very depressing sounding but yahh

  10. iujaz 87 months ago | reply

    love the shadows here..

  11. buckyishungry 86 months ago | reply

    ohaio ula-kun.
    high priestess O_o?!
    i have high priest picture
    we should start a cult O_o

  12. Cuy'n'Chips 86 months ago | reply

    Beautiful story and the lighting in the picture is awesome.

  13. black.fox [deleted] 86 months ago | reply

    nice picture

  14. Daadi 86 months ago | reply

    i like the lighting..

  15. maghin 85 months ago | reply

    beautiful use of light...

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  16. Evan Amir 85 months ago | reply

    light's perfect! you could've joined the lot in there, now its like, LA or AL! hehe.. good work. (Y)

  17. morephy 83 months ago | reply

    perfecto !!

  18. ahadx 82 months ago | reply

    i like the composition of this picture! =)

  19. Nausheyn 82 months ago | reply

    so its all girls in yo family? =) must b fun eh? im the baby in mine. got a sister n a brother who are like.. 6 n 8 yrs older than me. hehe.. loabi foto eh

  20. axnm 82 months ago | reply


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