World Environment Day 2011 at the UK Mission to the UN
World Environment Day 2011 falls on Sunday 5 June. This year’s theme is ‘Forests: Nature at Your Service’

The UK Mission to the UN hosted its own event to raise awareness among staff and encourage greener work and life styles.

Staff were encouraged to come to work by either walking, cycling, jogging or using public transportation.

Over the lunch period we set up a number of stalls to promote green ways of living, highlighting environmentally friendly cleaning products and giving energy saving tips. Staff also brought in old clothes, textiles, shoes and batteries for recycling and were able to sample organic and locally sourced produce. We took the opportunity to provide information on recycling, the reality of waste and draw attention to the climate change agenda.

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You can also visit the World Environment Day website here:

And find out more about The International Year of Forests here:
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