Feed the Fasting 2012
The UK Islamic Mission’s “Feed the Fasting Project” aims to provide food to the families all around the world in the month of Ramadan, who might otherwise go without.

As little as £60 can provide Suhoor and Iftar to a needy Muslim family during the month of Ramadan in Kashmir, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Palestine, Yemen, Eritrea, Somalia, Burmese or Syrian Refugees.

£60 Provide Suhoor and Iftar to a poor Muslim family.
£100 Provide Iftar in a Masjid for 100 persons.
£250 Iftar Dinner in Masjid Aqsa, Palestine for 100 persons

We very much hope that you will support this project to feed our brothers and sisters in need during the blessed month of Ramadan. May Allah SWT shower His mercy and blessings on you and your family and forgive us all. (Ameen)
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