Hawaiian Marine Shell Reference Collection
The Anthropology Department's Marine Shell Collection began as an avocational pursuit of Mr. Bertell E. Davis. When Mr. Davis passed away in 1985, he left the collection to his son, Bertell D. Davis, then an archaeology graduate student in our department.

The younger Davis (Ph.D. Manoa, 1990), who was interested in documenting the impact of humans on the environment, further developed the collection as a
reference and comparative resource for identifying shell middens from Hawaiian and Pacific archaeological sites. The collection was donated to the Anthropology Department's Archaeology Laboratory in 2005.

The collection is currently housed in the Anthropology Department, Archaeology Program, College of Arts and Sciences.

The collection is fairly comprehensive for much of the shell midden material found in Hawaiian sites. An inventory was completed in 2009 and specimen digital imaging was completed early 2010.

The collection supports undergraduate education through various Archaeology courses.

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Additional references can be found in a full bibliography at www.museum.hawaii.edu/.
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