3d pan white

violet vickie

Vickie came in with her original color, which I had been doing, and consisted of a level 5 brown with lots of level 7 copper and pale blonde highlights. She was ready for something different, so I bleached the crap out of her hair with Joico Vero and 30 volume. We rinsed and blow dried, and then I did a gradation of color in her bangs. From the top down:

SFX Atomic Pink

SFX Virgin Rose

SFX Pimpin Purple

Pravana Violet

SFX Blue Velvet

Pravana Blue

I also applied more bleach, with 20 volume, to the rest of her hair, to achieve maximum lightening. When we rinsed, the color bled all over the resulting white, and it left a pretty pastel residue that I just love.

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Uploaded on August 11, 2010